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‘Where We Are: The State of Britain Now’ by Roger Scruton

‘Where We Are: The State of Britain Now’ by Roger Scruton

Nick Spencer reviews Roger Scruton’s new book about ‘place’ after Brexit, for the Church Times.

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A double meaning lies at the heart of Roger Scruton’s latest book, Where We Are: The State of Britain Now, on post–Brexit Britain. We instinctively read the “where” of the title as temporal: where are we now after the vote, its implications sinking in, and its consequences playing out? We soon realise, however, that Scruton means it spatially: where we are in Britain, and how attached and committed we are to this place — because it is only through attachment to place that we can forge the solidarity that we lack, and need, right now.

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Nick Spencer

Nick Spencer

Nick is Senior Fellow at Theos. He is the author of a number of books and reports, most recently ‘The Political Samaritan: how power hijacked a parable’ (Bloomsbury, 2017), ‘The Evolution of the West’ (SPCK, 2016) and ‘Atheists: The Origin of the Species’ (Bloomsbury, 2014).

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Posted 15 December 2017


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