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A middle way on immigration

A middle way on immigration

The Church Times features the chapter by Adrian Pabst from ‘Fortress Britain’, edited by Ben Ryan.

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Refugees should be welcomed  – but national borders still matter, argues Adrian Pabst. 

PEOPLE are not commodities. Refugees, as a particular category of migrant, should not be viewed as anonymous and deracinated economic agents, uprooted from their linguistic, familial, cultural, and religious hinterland.

Rather, most, if not all, refugees are deeply invested in their identities, and they long to be recognised within a host country with its political system and culture. And those who wish to return eventually to their countries of origin do not seek a nomadic existence elsewhere, and do not want their families to be rootless.

Read the full article here.

This chapter is from Theos edited book ‘Fortress Britain’.

 Image from the Church Times.

Ben Ryan

Ben Ryan

Ben Ryan is Head of Research at Theos. He is the editor of Fortress Britain? Ethical Approaches to Immigration Policy for a Post–Brexit Britain (JKP 2018) and the author of Theos reports on chaplaincy, the EU, the Catholic charity sector, mental health and ecumenism. He holds degrees in European politics from the LSE and in Theology and Religious Studies from Cambridge. Outside of Theos he is a trustee of CSAN (Caritas Social Action Network).

Posted 4 May 2018


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