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Churches and mosques told to practise their terror response

Churches and mosques told to practise their terror response

Theos’ report ‘After Grenfell’ by Amy Plender is discussed in The Times.

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Churches, mosques and temples should have regular drills to prepare for terrorist attacks and disasters in their area, a report has said, drawing on the relief provided by faith groups after the Grenfell Tower fire.

In the immediate aftermath of a major tragedy, places of worship are often used as shelters, gathering points and aid distribution centres.

A report into Grenfell by Theos, a religious affairs think tank, has recommended that “preparation in peacetime” would help places of worship to equip themselves for future disasters.

Read the full article and our report After Grenfell: the Faith Groups’ Response by Amy Plender.

 Image from The Times.

Amy Plender

Amy Plender

Amy is the author of After Grenfell: The Faith Groups’ Response. Her research interests include theological responses to suffering and mental health, theology and the arts, liturgical practice, and interfaith dialogue.

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Posted 4 June 2018


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