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Sunday Programme: Amy Plender discusses After Grenfell report

Sunday Programme: Amy Plender discusses After Grenfell report

Amy Plender discusses her report for Theos ‘After Grenfell’ on the Sunday Programme.

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Theos’ new report After Grenfell: the Faith Groups’ Response, on how faith based organisations responded to the fire in Grenfell Tower, was discussed on the Sunday Programme on BBC Radio 4 on 3rd June 2018. Report author Amy Plender, Muslim Aid’s Jehangir Malick, and the Rev Mike Long from Notting Hill Methodist Church talked to Edward about what lessons can be learned.

Listen to the discussion from 28:50.

 Image from the BBC.

Amy Plender

Amy Plender

Amy joined Theos in August 2017, having previously worked with London–based and international non–profit organisations, and in English and Scottish print journalism. She holds an MA in Divinity and an MTh from the University of Edinburgh. Research areas include the theological responses to suffering and mental health, theology and the arts, liturgical practice, and interfaith dialogue.

Posted 4 June 2018


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