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New Year, New Media

New Year, New Media

UnHerd’s panel of experts, including Elizabeth Oldfield, give their suggestions for unconventional media worth exploring this year. 03/01/2019

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UnHerd’s panel of experts, including Elizabeth Oldfield, suggest some unconventional media sources worth exploring this year. 

At UnHerd, we want our expectations challenged and understanding of the world expanded.So we asked a selection of contributors from across the worlds of journalism, politics and academia to share their less conventional sources of inspiration and information.

Elizabeth Oldfield Director, Theos 

The podcast I reliably go to when I want to feel informed, inspired and better equipped be some use in the world is OnBeing. 

Created by Krista Tippett, a former New York Times journalist and diplomat, it intelligently explores matters of faith, moral imagination and what a wise life looks like now. In our noisy information environment most outlets fight for attention by being louder, shorter, simpler and seemingly shallower. 

Refreshingly, Krista has grown a faithful and engaged audience by interviewing the hidden influencers, the people too busy making the world a better place to spend time on self–promotion. Listening to it helps snap me out of imposed urgency and reminds me of the fundamental questions: what does it mean to be human, how do we want to live, and who will we be to each other?” 

You can read the full article here, which also includes contributions from Marco Rubio, Steven Pinker, Bidisha and Peter Oborne. 

Elizabeth Oldfield

Elizabeth Oldfield

Elizabeth is host of The Sacred podcast. She was Theos’ Director from August 2011 – July 2021. She appears regularly in the media, including BBC One, Sky News, and the World Service, and writing in The Financial Times.

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Posted 3 January 2019


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