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The GRA:CE Project Launch: Growth, Relationship and Action in the Church of England

The GRA:CE Project Launch: Growth, Relationship and Action in the Church of England

The Church Urban Fund covers the launch of the The GRA:CE Project, led by Theos researcher Hannah Rich. 01/02/2019

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The Church Urban fund covered the launch of ‘The GRA:CE Project’ at Lambeth Palace on January 22nd. 

“This week saw us launch The GRA:CE Project, bringing together over 100 church and charity leaders at Lambeth Palace to hear more about how this strategic piece of work is contributing to a better understanding of how social action, church growth and discipleship relate to one another. The three year research project is a collaboration between Church Urban Fund, the think tank Theos, and the Church of England. GRA:CE, stands for Growth, Action and Relationships in the Church of England, and the project aims to spark conversations and fresh thinking about how these fit together.

The Theos team, who are conducting the research, described the GRA:CE project in more detail. Senior Fellow, Nick Spencer, outlined the methodological approach, which includes interviews and visits at about 100 churches in over 60 parishes across England. Hannah Rich, Theos Researcher on the GRA:CE project shared some emerging stories from field work completed so far, including that of a thriving church on an estate in Blackpool which had grown from 0–50 attendees in under two years. The power of relationships was a strong theme, and it’s influence and significance could be traced through each of the project’s three foci: social action, discipleship, and church growth. You can read more of Hannah’s reflections in the project blog here.” 

You can also view the GRA:CE project page here.



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Hannah Rich

Hannah Rich

Hannah joined Theos in 2017. She is a senior researcher working on theology and economic inequality. She is the author of ‘A Torn Safety Net’ (2022).

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Posted 1 February 2019


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