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Who wants to live for ever? Not those you might expect

Who wants to live for ever? Not those you might expect

Kaya Burgess, Science Reporter and Religious Affairs Correspondent for The Times, covers our briefing paper on scientific immortality. 04/06/2022

Call it buyer’s remorse, or simply too much of a good thing. In any case, a new study has shown that living for ever becomes less appealing the older we get.

The Times, cover our latest briefing paper, The promise of scientific immortality – who wants to live forever?. You can read the full article here.


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Nick Spencer

Nick Spencer

Nick is Senior Fellow at Theos. He is the author of a number of books and reports, most recently ‘The Political Samaritan: how power hijacked a parable’ (Bloomsbury, 2017), ‘The Evolution of the West’ (SPCK, 2016) and ‘Atheists: The Origin of the Species’ (Bloomsbury, 2014).

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Posted 4 June 2022


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