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Immigration isn’t undermining British religiousness – it’s the only thing sustaining it

Immigration isn’t undermining British religiousness – it’s the only thing sustaining it

Tomiwa Owolade, contributing writer for New Statesman, references Theos’ Nones report when reflecting on Census 2021. 30/11/2022

Britain is becoming less religious and less white. These are two significant facts from the latest batch of 2021 census data. For many on the right, this is a big concern. But one of these facts seems to be attracting more attention than the other from the most prominent right–wing media voices: the ethnic changes over the past ten years. The number of people identifying as white has declined from 86 per cent in 2011 to 81.7 per cent. The number identifying as white British has declined from 80.5 per cent in 2011 to 74.4 per cent. The author and columnist Douglas Murray sees the decline in the white population as a vindication of his book The Strange Death of Europe. The politician and broadcaster Nigel Farage likewise feels that his prophecies have come true.

Meanwhile, the Free Church of England priest and GB News presenter Calvin Robinson has been tweeting not that for the first time in nearly a thousand years less than half the population of England and Wales identifies as Christian, and that 37 per cent of the population does not identify with any religion, but that many of the largest cities in the country – from London to Manchester and Birmingham – are now minority white English cities.

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Image by New Statesman

Hannah Waite

Hannah Waite

Hannah joined Theos in 2019. She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Counselling and a PhD in Practical Theology both from the University of Aberdeen. She is particularly interested in mental health, disability and theology and was a founding member and community developer of Friendship House Aberdeen, a movement towards creating an inclusive community for adults with and without disability. She is working on Theos’ Religion and Science project.

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Posted 30 November 2022


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