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Grief is really about love. We should celebrate that

Grief is really about love. We should celebrate that

Chine McDonald writes The Times’ Credo column on Theos’ work on death and dying. 28/10/2023

Whisper it … we’re all going to die. Death necessitates goodbyes, separation and grief.

My Christian faith is not in denial about this. In fact, Christianity can help us to face this reality and prepare for it. I’ve never understood atheist arguments that criticise Christianity for its alleged focus on getting out of death free; as if believers only believe because we fear our mortality and are just in it for eternal life. Although he himself describes God as a wish–fulfilling “superhero dad who chases off death”, David Baddiel in his recent polemic The God Desire critiques the macho posturing of new atheism, which characterises religion as infantile escapism from the reality of death. For them, it is atheism alone that is able to stare death in the face; unflinchingly confronting the bleakness of oblivion.

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Chine McDonald

Chine McDonald

Chine is Director of Theos. She was previously Head of Community Fundraising and Public Engagement at Christian Aid. She has 16 years’ experience in journalism, media and communications across faith, media and international development organisations.

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Posted 28 October 2023


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