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“Doing God”: A Future for Faith in the Public Square

“Doing God”: A Future for Faith in the Public Square

It is difficult to think of a time when faith has been so important or misunderstood. This report examines the often complex issues surrounding faith

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The first part of the report considers why it is not possible to take faith out of the public square. The second part examines the reasons why faith will play an increasingly significant role in public life. It goes beyond the obvious – such as the current focus on aspects of Islam – and identifies three tends: the return of civil society, the emergence of well–being and the politics of identity.

This report argues that faith is not just important for human flourishing and the renewal of society, but that society can only flourish if faith is given the space to do so.

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Nick Spencer

Nick Spencer

Nick is Senior Fellow at Theos. He is the author of a number of books and reports, most recently ‘The Political Samaritan: how power hijacked a parable’ (Bloomsbury, 2017), ‘The Evolution of the West’ (SPCK, 2016) and ‘Atheists: The Origin of the Species’ (Bloomsbury, 2014).

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