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“Speaking Up” – Defending and Delivering Access to Justice

“Speaking Up” – Defending and Delivering Access to Justice

Andrew Caplen and David Mcllroy write on the rule of law and access to justice.

Written from an openly Christian perspective, it argues that there is a deep tradition within Christian scriptures not only on law – that much is clear from even a cursory reading of the Bible – but also equality before the law, universality of access, the need for legal advocacy, and the impartial administration of justice. Without these, no society can be a good society.

This being so, the authors argue that Christians ought to be concerned with recent changes to legal aid, the effect of which is likely to be on the most disadvantaged in our society. In the longer term it threatens social cohesion, accountability of public bodies and powerful private individuals, and the rule of law.

Christians have long seen healing, teaching, comforting and supporting others as key areas of their mission. Speaking Up argues that justice is no less important than any of these, and that Christians should seek to provide access to justice and to protect it where they can.

Andrew Caplen and David McIlroy

Andrew Caplen and David McIlroy


Bible, Law

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