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Less than half the population are Christian, census reveals

Less than half the population are Christian, census reveals

Kaya Burgess, Religious Affairs Correspondent, references Theos’ report on The Nones in article about the 2021 Census. 29/11/2022

The proportion of people who identify as Christian in England and Wales has fallen below half for the first time, census data shows.

Meanwhile, the number of people with “no religion” has almost trebled since the turn of the millennium.

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 Image by The Times

Hannah Waite

Hannah Waite

Hannah joined Theos in 2019. She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Counselling and a PhD in Practical Theology both from the University of Aberdeen. She is particularly interested in mental health, disability and theology and was a founding member and community developer of Friendship House Aberdeen, a movement towards creating an inclusive community for adults with and without disability. She is working on Theos’ Religion and Science project.

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Posted 29 November 2022


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