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Christianity and Mental Health: Theology, Activities, Potential

Christianity and Mental Health: Theology, Activities, Potential

A report exploring what Christian groups are doing to address mental health today. (2017)

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In response to many of the most significant problems facing our communities, how can we achieve change?The issue of mental health has been gaining public attention in recent years. Awareness–raising efforts across a number of fields have significantly increased public interest and concern. There have been warnings for some time, with dire statistics from various agencies – including the astonishing claim that one in four British adults had been diagnosed with a mental health issue during their lifetime.

This report seeks to explore the question, what can (and what should) Christians do in this field? It is an effort to map the landscape as it currently exists, and to raise questions for future research.

It is our hope that this report marks the start rather than an end of a programme of work looking at Christianity and mental health issues today. The subject is important, and growing in recognition; it speaks to a number of core Christian concerns pertaining to human wholeness and peace, and there are a growing number of Christian/ church–based initiatives across the country. We hope that this and subsequent work will make a contribution towards clarifying, equipping, guiding, and inspiring serious Christian engagement with mental health problems in the UK today.

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Ben Ryan

Ben Ryan

Ben Ryan is Home Affairs Adviser at Church of England. He was Head of Research at Theos until late 2019. He is the editor of Fortress Britain? Ethical Approaches to Immigration Policy for a Post–Brexit Britain (JKP 2018) and the author of Theos reports on chaplaincy, the EU, the Catholic charity sector, mental health and ecumenism.

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