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Frequently asked questions about Theos.

Do you engage with all religions?

Theos is grounded in the Christian faith and has a particular interest in Christianity and so most of our work is done in this area. However, many of our arguments and findings relate to religion more generally, and we do look at and work with other religious traditions.

What are your values?

Theos draws its inspiration and guidance from the Christian faith, but it does not adopt a set of corporate positions. Our overarching view is that Christianity in particular and faith in general is good for a flourishing society, and that the UK should recognise and encourage this.

Are you Anglican or Catholic? Evangelical or liberal?

These terms can be emotive and are sometimes misunderstood. Theos is inter–confessional. We employ people, are advised by and draw on thinking from across different denominations and traditions, and work with people from other faiths and none.

How are you funded?

Theos receives a core costs grant from the British and Foreign Bible Society. The majority of our published research is funded by charitable trusts – although some is funded by individual supporters. We run a Students, Friends and Associates programme for people who want to support our work on an ongoing basis. We also offer research consultancy to organisations in the public, private and voluntary sector that want to understand religion better.

Across all our work we maintain standards of editorial independence and transparency, working with clients who share our values and acknowledging funders.

How is Theos structured?

The Director of Theos is responsible for other paid staff, and a Board of Management oversees the work of the Director.

Can people or organisations join Theos?

Theos is not a membership–based organisation, but individuals and organisations can sign up as Theos Friends for as little as £75 per year (£40 for students).

Theos blend faith and policy in a creative and energetic way.

Dilwar Hussain, Head of the Policy Research Centre, Islamic Foundation.

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